The Intern Scheme

A training and development scheme for graduates of the Biblical Counselling UK Certificate Course

The Intern Scheme is for local churches who are passionate about seeing every member grow in wise conversations.

How it works

The Intern Scheme works best in churches where the leadership are committed to and excited about equipping the body of Christ to love one another well. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the Intern Scheme is tailored to the needs and character of the local context.

In order to apply, individuals who have completed the entire Biblical Counselling UK Certificate Course and demonstrate gifting in biblical counselling should work with their church leadership to identify clear goals that enable the whole church to grow in wise conversations. The Scheme provides a framework to support the individual’s ongoing development and enables them to be a catalyst for growth in wise counsel across the whole church family.

All Interns will receive the same benefits across the two years of the Scheme:

  • A Biblical Counselling UK mentor to facilitate their growth in monthly 1:1 meetings
  • Monthly training meetings on a variety of topics (online)
  • Monthly peer group (online)
  • In-person training meetings three times per year
  • Two whole-group meetings (lnterns, Mentors and Local Leaders) per year to provide additional input and support (online)
  • Feedback in the form of mid and end-of-year reports

Year One

Interns (in collaboration with their church leaders) will develop and carry out plans that help foster richer and wiser pastoral care right across the church family. While the specific plans will vary depending on church context and individual gifting, this may include activities such as running a Real Change course, small group leader training, leading a seminar on an area of common struggle (e.g. anger or anxiety), or supporting church leadership in developing the pastoral care structures of the church. Depending on experience and context, Interns may also gain further experience in conversational ministry, with opportunities ranging from “kitchen table” ministry, discipleship of individuals to more structured conversations about specific struggles.

Year Two

Here the cohort will divide, with each intern following one of two parallel tracks:

Church Growth Track
Interns will collaborate with their wider church leadership to identify a particular area of conversational ministry within church life to develop. They will research, create and implement a ministry proposal plan. Areas that interns may focus on include: small group development, pastoral care structures, premarital & marriage refresher material, evangelism & outreach, and so on.

Alongside this main focus, interns will still engage in other activities such as running a Real Change course and meeting with people for more informal discipleship conversations.

Counselling Track
Interns should expect to spend a majority of their time in the second year engaging in more formal pastoral conversations alongside activities that foster rich conversational ministry across their whole church (such as running Real Change or a seminar). Interns will work alongside their church leadership to structure this conversational ministry wisely and establish clear channels of accountability.

Any activities carried out by the Intern will remain under the authority and supervision of the local church, and we ask that churches provide a Local Leader who can deliver the day-to-day accountability and support to help the Intern flourish in their role.

Our beliefs

We subscribe to the Biblical Counseling Coalition’s Doctrinal and Confessional Statements. All Interns and their churches must sign their agreement with these statements.


Applications for September 2024 are now open. To apply:


Download the application forms and review with your church leadership.


For the prospective intern – please complete the “Individual Application Form” and send the completed form to your church leader.
For the church leader – please complete the “Church Leader Form” and “Due Diligence Form”.  Once you have received the Individual Application Form from your prospective intern, please email all three completed forms to 


Reference requests will be sent out upon receipt of the application forms, and the Director of the Intern Scheme will be in touch to arrange an online interview with the church leader and individual applicant.


Decisions will be made by mid-April 2024.


*The application pack will be available 3 months before applications open.

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Intern Alumni

The two years of the Intern Scheme equips individuals for lifelong ministry in the local church and the local church for long-term growth in pastoral care. Discover the different ways Intern Alumni are using their experience and training beyond the Intern Scheme.