David Powlinson Memorial Grants

Grants available for advanced study

Each year, two grants are available to Certificate Course graduates who wish to engage in advanced or specialist study in areas related to biblical counselling.

Each year, BCUK offers two grants of (up to) £2,500. One in the Spring, the other in the Autumn.  
The grants are designed to promote advanced study / research, at academic institutions, into relevant, contemporary fields in order to further the growth of biblical counselling in the UK. 
These grants are open to graduates of: 

  • the BCUK certificate programme 
  • the BCUK intern programme 
  • similar biblical counselling programmes at other like-minded organisations  


Applicants must also be involved in biblical counselling in the UK, be in good standing with both Biblical Counselling UK and their local church and free from any safeguarding / criminal convictions that would hamper the work of biblical counselling. They would need to be capable of studying at an advanced (usually postgraduate) level; have a passion for furthering the work of Biblical Counselling UK and, in particular, be passionate about the application of biblical counselling to the British local church context. They would need to demonstrate that their proposed course of study would be impossible or significantly challenging should the grant not be approved.  

Grant applications are welcome from: 

  • those wishing to undertake postgraduate research into aspects of biblical counselling or allied fields at a fully-accredited theological college
  • those wishing to undertake advanced study / research into allied secular disciplines at universities or colleges where such learning could be used to further the work of biblical counselling through critical analysis, synergy or adaption 

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David Powlison Memorial Grants

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