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Speak hope into everyday life

Speak hope into
everyday life

hope into everyday life

Equipping churches for conversation and counsel

We are Biblical Counselling UK

We’re dedicated to helping people, whatever their struggle, receive the support they need. We’re convinced that the local church is the best place to turn to in your time of need. So, we focus on equipping and supporting local churches to get alongside people in the struggles of life.


Are you interested in being equipped to serve others in your church?

Our training courses aren’t just for people who’ve been to bible college. If you want to be better prepared to help those around you through life’s difficulties, we offer a range of training resources from entry-level and small group courses, to in-depth courses, certificates and internships.


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Blog post
Jesus engages with us when life seems to be falling apart. It is he who gives us words when we have none of our own.
Blog post
Recognising the brutality of grief, Franklin nevertheless urges his readers to “move towards God”, remembering that God is actively involved in hurting hearts, able to sanctify and grow us in Christ, even in loss.
Blog post
One of my personal goals of the internship was to grow in being vulnerable and talk more openly about my own struggles. I knew I needed to be able to do that in order to help shape a culture where others can do the same.
Blog post
Either you are happy or you are sad. Either you despair or you have hope. Either you mourn or you rejoice. But in reality our emotions are complicated. We feel many things simultaneously.
Blog post
Thank you in advance for your partnership. We need the Lord. We need you. And we are grateful that you would speak to the Lord with us at the start of this year.
Blog post
Jesus’s coming is an invitation to gather into the family of God. His birth brings the possibility of our rebirth – to join him in the biggest and best family there is.
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Mon 11 – Wed 13 March, 2024
The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire
19 April 2024
Cornerstone Free Church

“I’m a lot less scared of engaging with people's big questions or big emotions.”

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There are plenty of ways you can support our vision to see local churches equipped to support their congregations, whether through praying, donating or meeting up in person.