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Just as the Intern Scheme is not a one-size-fits-all programme, so the paths and plans that different churches and individuals take beyond the Scheme vary too.


Be it women’s worker, pastor or small group leader, many individuals already held paid or unpaid roles within their church when they joined the Intern Scheme. During their time as Interns, they were given additional support and resourcing to develop their ministry within their church. Upon finishing the Scheme, the majority continue on in those paid or unpaid roles, often with a reshuffle of responsibilities to allow more time for pastoral work. A number of those in unpaid roles saw the creation of new paid pastoral roles within their church as a result of the Scheme.

As interest in biblical counselling continues to grow across the UK, more and more regional hubs have sprung up in part due to the Intern Alumni. Between starting local interest groups and organising day conferences in their area, Alumni have played a crucial role in introducing more individuals and churches to biblical counselling.

A few Intern Alumni have gone on to play a role in training and equipping others in biblical counselling. For some, that has meant stepping into the role of grader for the Certificate Course. Others have become Mentors for the Intern Scheme or Certificate Course tutors., passing on all they have learned to the next generation of people who are passionate about connecting the riches of Scripture to the reality of life.

Some Intern Alumni have been able to contribute to the creation of more biblical counselling resources for the UK context. From blog posts to conference seminars to spoken word poetry to redeveloping Certificate Course modules, graduates of the Scheme have been able to further equip the Lord’s people through written and spoken word.
Churches are filled with a broad range of stories and struggles, and many Interns find themselves walking alongside brothers and sisters with varied needs. However, some Interns experience the Lord bringing particular struggles or demographics across their path, clarifying a desire for further training and experience. Others feel the need to skill up their grasp on theology and Bible handling. Whether it’s taking on specific study on struggles such as trauma or counselling adolescents, or enrolling for a theology diploma, many Intern Alumni go on to engage with further studies beyond the Scheme.

Alongside ongoing roles within their church, a small number of Intern Alumni have gone on to set up private fee-for-service counselling ministries to serve the wider body of Christ. Often drawing upon other additional training or experience, they are able to meet with a wider constituency of individuals seeking help.

The friendships nurtured with fellow Interns over the course of the Scheme continue long after the two years finish. While Biblical Counselling UK cannot offer ongoing oversight of Alumni peer groups, Alumni often regularly connect informally with their peers for continued support and prayerful encouragement of one another’s ministries.

Ongoing support from Biblical Counselling UK

“It’s been great to stay in touch with other Alumni, to continue to sharpen each other and to look together at issues facing those in pastoral care. The book clubs have spurred me on to read books that I probably wouldn’t otherwise have got around to reading and have most definitely fed into my care for others.”

An Alumnus

Ongoing Support

The Alumni are invited to join a book club either run by a member of the Biblical Counselling UK team or a fellow Alumnus. These take place once a term and cover a variety of subjects.
Biblical Counselling UK occasionally hosts webinars on a variety of topics. Some webinars are specifically for Intern Alumni while others are part of wider Biblical Counselling UK initiatives.
All Intern Alumni who attend the annual Biblical Counselling UK residential conference are invited to a drinks reception during one of the evenings.