Resources: Loss

We all experience loss. We all long to walk alongside the grieving. But the complexity of loss can leave us not knowing where to turn.

Loss comes in many forms. We can lose loved-ones, homes, jobs, a sense of safety – and all those things hurt deeply. Walking alongside those who have lost is complex. The swirl of emotion, the range of responses, can leave us lost for words. But moving towards a brother or sister who has lost is a deep and Christ-like act of compassion. In the resources that follow, we hope you will find wisdom to move towards them well.


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Learning to Lament
by Paul Mallard
(Union Publishing)

Near to the Broken-Hearted
by Dan and Anna Martin
(The Good Book Company)

Seasons of Sorrow
by Tim Challies

When Sorrows like Sea Billows Roll
by Brad Franklin
(Grace Publications)

You Are Still a Mother
by Jackie Gibson
(New Growth Press)

Fact Sheets

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For further articles on the loss associated with childlessness, click here. 


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Devotion on Infertility

by Héloïse Hearn

22 days working through the book of Lamentations.

Blog Posts / Columns

by Steve Midgley
(Evangelicals Now)

Sorrowful yet rejoicing
by Steve Midgley

Talking about death
by Helen Thorne-Allenson

Journal Articles

Navigating Disappointment
by Steve Midgley
(CCEF: Journal of Biblical Counseling)


Songs for the grieving

There are times when we can’t find the words. Times when opening the Bible feels too hard. It is at moments this that having truth set to music can help.

We have put together playlists for those experiencing loss, and those needing to spend time in lament.

Listen below, and click through to add to your Spotify.