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Regional Interest Groups

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Across the country there are informal groups of people meeting together to discuss how to engage in conversational ministry well.

Want to meet others near you who are passionate about biblical counselling? Why not consider joining a regional interest group?

You can find out more about these groups and how to get in touch on this blog post or email us at

These groups are independent networks of likeminded individuals, and run as either:

Network groups:
Opportunities for people to learn more about conversational ministry generally


Alumni groups:
Opportunities for those who have studied with BCUK to continue to hone the skills learned within the certificate course

BCUK does not run these groups but operates a Friends Scheme whereby some groups can choose to link themselves to BCUK.

“Great to meet with friends, read books, listen to speakers, and learn to love others more”

— Church Leader
Want to set up a regional interest group near you?