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Looking to run Real Change in your local church? Or use it one-to-one with a friend? Here is everything you need to know in order to run the course well.

Real Change is a 6-session course designed to be used within a local church (or other grouping of Christians). It can be used with groups as small as 2 or groups as large as 40 but the ideal size is probably in the region of 10-20.

It is a course that is designed to be led from the front – that means that you will need one or two people from you congregation to lead each week: giving biblical input and facilitating discussion.

Each week the leaders will need to explain aspects of the model of change, encourage people to chat in pairs about their understanding and experience of change, enable students to engage well with God’s word and answer questions from group members. The good news is that there are full leaders notes in the back of the study guides!

The course requires participants to be sharing aspects of their lives. Each person chooses a “change project” – an aspect of their life that they want to work on – and they have an opportunity to talk about that with another participant each week. It is highly recommended that leaders set the tone of the course by engaging in their own change project too. In that way, everyone together learns about change and engages in change as brothers and sisters walking alongside each other in humility and love.

Please note: you will need a study guide for each participant (including the leader).

Real Change by Andrew Nicholls & Helen Thorne
Real Change for Students by Andrew Nicholls & Helen Thorne

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“Excellent short course for applying the truth of the Bible to the struggles of everyday life”

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“Encouraging, manageable, and thoroughly biblical exploration of spiritual growth”

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