Mental Health and Your Church


Steve Midgley


Helen Thorne and Steve Midgley

Mental ill-health is far more common than many of us think. Many in our church family are struggling right now. This resource seeks to equip church members to walk alongside each other well.

About one in six people will be struggling with mental ill-health this week and Christians are not immune. In this compassionate and practical book, readers are helped to understand those who are struggling and respond to them wisely – all within a biblical lens. Come with Steve Midgley and Helen Thorne on a journey to help your church become a place where those who wrestle with mental health conditions are welcomed, understood, nurtured and supported.  


  1. Life in the local church
  2. What’s in a diagnosis?
  3. Developing a biblical understanding of mental illness
  4. Medication
  5. Talking therapies
  6. The call to raise awareness
  7. The call to relate
  8. The call to remember
  9. The call to refine
  10. The call to practically resource
  11. Common questions
  12. Anxiety
  13. Depression
  14. Addiction
  15. Psychosis
  16. Caring for the carers

“Steve and Helen have achieved the seemingly impossible task of taking a complex issue and framing it for a local-church audience” (Church Leader) 

“Full of wisdom, warmth, compassion and practical help – it left me full of hope” (Minister for Women)

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Steve Midgley

Over the past 10 years Steve has been involved in teaching courses in biblical counselling at Oak Hill College and leads the Biblical Counselling UK team. He is on the boards of both CCEF and the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Formerly the vicar of Christ Church Cambridge, Steve continues to serve the church family there. Before ordination he trained as a psychiatrist.


Helen Thorne-Allenson

Helen Thorne-Allenson is the Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK. She is an experienced speaker, counsellor and author.