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Amanda Naves

The Intern Scheme is a unique time of training and equipping individuals and churches as they seek to grow in wise conversational ministry. At the end of each autumn term, Interns are asked to reflect on how the Lord has been working in them as they seek to serve their congregations. Below is a reflection from Susan Scott, a first year Intern at Trinity Community Church in Manchester.  

God Blessed Them 

This term, a tiny phrase from Genesis 1 which I’ve probably read a thousand times before has been speaking to me: “God blessed them” (Genesis 1:28). 

Blessing is the very first thing the Lord does when he makes people. Way before they could do anything to earn it, way before they could be good enough to deserve it, God poured his blessing upon his people. As he does, he wants us to be people who receive – it is what pleases him. I’ve known this before, but it’s settled in my heart in a new deeper way. 

This year has held challenges of different kinds and sizes, and I started my internship in weakness and in what’s felt like a crisis of confidence. Things I had been putting my confidence in – my parenting, my ability to navigate relationships, having it all together, being capable – have been exposed to be nothing more than a fragile eggshell around wobbly neediness inside. I have felt weak and incapable, but I have also known the mercy and liberation of simple acknowledgement of need and coming to the Lord with empty hands.  

As I’ve done so, my appreciation and trust in his gracious generosity have grown. I see these themes jump out to me in passages where it didn’t before – his mark of mercy on Cain the murderer, his choosing and blessing of Abram from the nothingness of idolators on the other side of the river, his rescue of Lot, who certainly didn’t have it all together, but is described as a righteous man. It’s there again in the life of the blessed man in Psalm 1 and in the blessing of the beatitudes in Matthew 5 and many more besides.  

In response, I come to him and expect to receive with less doubt than I had before. My daughter and I start the day thanking him for his new morning mercies and we hold out our hands to receive what he will give that day. I pray differently – not just for God to help me be a certain type of person, or to do certain things, but for him – the blessed one – to lavish his blessing on me in the ways he knows to be best. I see my neediness more than I did before, and my compassion for others in their weakness has grown. I have more confidence turning with them to our generous Father.  

One of my personal goals of the internship was to grow in being vulnerable and talk more openly about my own struggles. I knew I needed to be able to do that in order to help shape a culture where others can do the same. I’m so grateful the Lord has started that work in me and know he will graciously see it to completion.  

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Amanda Naves

Originally from Canada, Amanda studied at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and trained with CCEF before moving to the UK in 2016. She is involved in a number of ministry areas within her local church, including pastoral care. Amanda directs the Church-based Intern Scheme for BCUK.