Our Story

Encouraging gospel-soaked interactions
Our Vision

Biblical Counselling UK’s vision is for all people, whatever their struggle, to find wise, biblical conversational ministry in their local church.

Our training courses aren’t just for people who’ve been to bible college. If you want to be better prepared to help those around you through life’s difficulties, we offer a range of training resources from entry-level and small group courses, to in-depth courses, certificates and internships.

Our context

Our society is changing rapidly and the stresses we face are changing with it.

People are experiencing new demands in their personal lives and many are struggling as a result. The demand on our mental health services has risen and many, both within the church and outside, cannot find the help they need.

This means that…
Churches are facing greater challenges in pastoral care. The number of people struggling has increased as has the complexity of those struggles. Personal and relational difficulties are far more widespread.

This, in turn, means that…
Pastors are facing unparalleled demands. And while secular approaches continue to provide the dominant perspective on personal problems, many in church leadership feel uncertain about their role and ill-equipped to respond. Personal ministry of the word can seem irrelevant and inadequate.

Our ambitions

BCUK has three ambitions:

Pastors and people would share a rich pastoral vision

Through a wide variety of training options and resources, we seek to support church leaders and members as they develop communities that embrace one-anothering and are increasingly skilled in conversational ministry.

Experienced carers would deepen their wisdom and skill

Recognising the need to increase the availability of experienced carers, we seek to support both higher level training courses and the provision of supervision and consultation groups for vocational counsellors.

Individual strugglers would find wise pastoral care
We aim to develop biblically faithful resources which address a wide range of life struggles and to increase awareness of vocational counsellors who work within a biblical counselling framework.